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The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is the most powerful and diverse Union in America, representing 1.4 million workers. The Teamsters Airline Division represents more than 75,000 workers in the aviation industry in every class and craft. Teamsters SFO 856/986 is proud to represent the over 3,000-strong United Airlines Mechanics & Related working at the SFO Point. The Teamsters are committed to securing jobs in the aviation industry by fighting the outsourcing that threatens our safety and security. 


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Tentative Agreement Now Available 

Click here to access the full Tentative Agreement

Important Information About the TA from the Principal Officers of Locals 210, 986, 856, & 769

Below are links to informational documents made available by the Airline Division concerning specific areas of the Tentative Agreement. They include informational documents on medical, Industry Reset, Industry Comparison, and VEBA. The full Tentative Agreement will be available for your review soon.

2017 Tentative Rates for Technicians 1

2017 Tentative Rates for Technicians 2

Technician's Industry Reset Overview

Airline Trunk Carrier Pay and Benefits Comparison to United Mechanics TA


Tentative Dental Rates

Find Your RetroPay (do not enter "U" before your File Number)

The following videos have been produced to help you to understand the TA. These videos are explanations of terms from the health care Actuary, the Economist, and the Attorney that were sitting at the bargaining table advising the committee. They address Health and Welfare, Economics, and Scope.


Gaelle Gravot- Actuary


Dan Akins- Economist


Josh McInerney- Attorney


CARP Information:

Carp Calculator





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 Teamsters SFO Latest Updates 

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September 2, 2017

The August Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: Hurricane Harvey devastates Texas; Labor Day: When Labor Day Meant Something; SFO Grievance Committee Election Update; September Craft Meeting Canceled; Article 5 Filling of Vacancies; BAQ 113 Calibration Technician Correction; Stay Informed

Click here to read the August Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.


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July 26, 2017

The June/July Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: Chief Steward Nominations; Human Resource Meetings at Willis Tower; Return to Work Process; Labor History; Labor Quotes; TSAP News; Stay Informed

Click here to read the June/July Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.


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July 25, 2017

Retirement Benefits Update

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters Benefits Committee at United Airlines has put together an informational and resource package to assist members in understanding retirement benefits. The goal of this guide is to provide a quick-reference guide to help UAL Teamster members with retirement concerns and questions.

Members who are actively planning or considering retirement should find this package useful. The information included in this report explain a wide variety of topics such as; eligibility, the process for requesting retirement benefits, an explanation of what to expect from retiree benefits, and other useful and resource contact information. 

The Benefits Committee is made up of members from across the system who work at a variety of stations.  Ken Meidnger- International Representative, Vinny Graziano- International Representative, Mike Moats- Cleveland , James Johns- Denver, John Pangelinan- Guam, Moki Kim -Hawaii Islands, Bob Clever- Houston, Dominic Fierro- Houston, Audery Scates- Los Angeles, Gary Kagel- Orlando, Larry Calhoun- New York, Mike Pecararo- Chicago and Steve Loone -San Francisco.

The document may be viewed or downloaded here









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Mechanics Update

July 9, 2017 


On Thursday July 6th, the company invited the Business Agents to Chicago for the purpose of meeting the new HR team for United Airlines. The meeting was primarily introductory and no specific station or member grievances were discussed. The main topic surrounded the new HR structure along with contact information and station assignments for the new team. This was followed by a conversation on the filing of vacancies.  

Article 3; regarding Bid Area Qualifications has been an open issue for many mechanics across the system. We made some time to discuss this pressing topic and the company has made a suggestion that a process improvement team could be implemented to work out the difficulties with the BAQ’s and Ebid systems. The IBT is in the process of delegating two BA’s to assist on this committee.  


As matter of record, the parties had a brief conversation regarding some open matters and items that are still ongoing in hopes of finding a mutual resolution. Additionally, the badging issue that our members are experiencing at many stations across the system was discussed. A final topic involving return to work generic forms which have become problematic and the need for a case manager was brought up but no solution was found at this meeting. 


Later in the day during a follow up meeting with Labor Relations representatives, the union once again s conveyed that contractual grievances throughout the system are building and have been on the docket for quite some time. It has been mutually understood that these cases must be heard. To help resolve this, both parties are in the process of creating a System Board of Adjustment pursuant to Article 19 that will be held over consecutive days in order to get as many grievances heard and properly adjudicated in a timely manner. Boards disputing contractual language violations will be held in the East, West and Midwest on a rotating basis. Termination cases will continue to be held at the home station per the agreement.  



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Joint Communication on IBT Lump Sum Hold Back Allocation

June 5, 2017

As per LOA #28, the Company held back 3.0% of the $185M lump sum pool to correct any errors or omissions in the allocation, calculation and distribution of the lump sum, as determined in the challenge process. All disputed claims have now been finalized and the remaining contingency will be paid pro rata to eligible employees according to the allocation methodology. Hold back payments will be paid to employees in a separate check on June 7, 2017. Regular 401k election rules will apply for domestic US employees.

If you have additional questions please email



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May 25, 2017

The May Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: Memorial Day; Teamster Member Assistance Program; Labor History for the Month of May; Labor Quotes; Stay Informed

Click here to read the May Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.


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May 8, 2017

The April Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: United Airlines Attendance Policy Article 19 – Grievance Procedure; HRA Account Automatic Reimbursements; Teamsters JC7 Day at the Ballpark; Teamsters JC42 fights against RTW legislation; Local 856 launches Anti-Outsourcing Campaign; Labor History for the Month of April 2017; Labor Quotes; Stay Informed

Click here to read the April Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.


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Mechanics Dispatch

May 2, 2017


Lump Sum Update 


On April 6th, in accordance with LOA #28, an arbitration case was held to hear the lump sum disputes filed by members who believed they were paid incorrectly. Arbitrator Josh Javits was chosen by the parties to hear these cases. The total number of disputes was 39. Four members chose to participate by phone in the hearing. The arbitrator is now in the process of reviewing each dispute to determine the outcome. As soon as the Arbitrator rules we will notify the company so they can finish the process of distribution of the holdback.


Fraternally yours,

Bob Fisher

Airline Division Rep




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April 3, 2017

The March Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: BAQ 'Grandfathering; under the 2010 Agreement; SFO GSE Equipment Safety Inspection Program;  United send Your Spending Account (YSA) Mailer; Labor History for the Month of March; Labor Quotes; Stay Informed

Click here to read the March Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.

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Attendance Policy

March 1st 2017 


Brothers and Sisters,


As most of you know, the Company is instituting a new attendance policy. It is being briefed that this policy will be implemented on March 15th. It was relayed to me that some supervisors across the system are briefing that the IBT has signed off or agreed to this policy. Let me be as clear as possible, that is outright lie. Just as in the working together guidelines, the Company makes policy.  It is our policy to fight them all the way through the grievance process to arbitration, if necessary, on rules and policies that we believe are unfair and harmful to the membership. We will attack this new policy in the same fashion. To be clear, this is a United Airlines policy and was not agreed to in any fashion by the IBT.


In solidarity,


Bob Fisher
International Representative
Airline Division
International Brotherhood of Teamsters



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March 2, 2017

The February Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: Article 5 -- Filling of Vacancies; 2017 Scholarship Applications Being Accepted; SFO Tech Ops Safety Toe Shoe Program; Pre-Retirement Seminar Yields a Packed House; Labor History for the Month of February; Labor Quotes; Stay Informed

Click here to read the February Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.


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January 29, 2017

The January Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: Bid Area Qualifications; Early Out Submission WIndow Opens; Seniority Challenge; Lump Protest; Pre-Retirement Seminar; Employee Hearing Loss Determinations; Did you know? Girl Scouts Gift of Caring Program; Labor History for the Month of January; Labor Quotes; Stay Informed

Click here to read the January Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.

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Mechanics Dispatch

January 14, 2017


Transition Items 

Monday the 9th there was a call with all the Business Agents around the system and the Division to discuss transition items. The BAs were notified that the company has hired a printer to manufacture the new JCBA for distribution, but that the timeframe for completion is unknown at this time.  

New members of the Joint Board of Adjustment were added and announced on the call. These new members are Vincent Graziano from Local 210, Thomas Esposito from Local 769, Javier Lectora from Local 856, and Dave Saucedo from Local 986. A system wide Joint Board is tentatively scheduled for the week of March 9th in Los Angeles. This Board is scheduled to last all week with the purpose of adjudicating the grievances that still remain from the prior CBAs. 

Operationally it was discussed that the company is not changing to the new duty times until they can train those that will administer the language. Until that time the status quo from the old language remains in place. The twenty-year premium in GSE/Facilities and Bid Area 128 has not been applied to leads with less than twenty years. An et al grievance has been filed on the matter.  An et al grievance has also been filed for the former sCO mechanics that had their company seniority adjusted for time spent on layoff. Those members have a different accrual for vacation and lower seniority date for pass travel than those from the former sUA subsidiary. The Division views this as a matter of basic fairness that needs to be addressed. There were several other issues discussed on the call and they are all being addressed with the company. As resolutions are achieved they will be reported. 

A meeting is being worked on for the BAs to meet with Don Wright and his team to further discuss transition items. This meeting should take place in the next couple of weeks. Another BA call is scheduled for the 23rd.  


Seniority Challenges 

Many members have asked which list to use to base their appeals. Use the list posted at 

Luis Morel Chief Steward in MCO caught a typo in the second sentence on the third page. The description talks about breaks in ties and said “where the lowest number is junior.” That should have read highest and is now corrected. 


LOA 28 Challenges 

This is a reminder that challenges to the lump sum amounts described in LOA 28 must be postmarked by February 28th. The explanation and form can be found at


Management Changes 

As many of you already know Kris Bauer has replaced Charles Duncan as the SVP of Tech Ops. Kris comes from Allegiant Air. A move in LR now has Tech Ops Dealing with Managing Director Tom Reardon. Tom started his career with United as an Aircraft Technician. 

GSE/Facilities Call 

A conference call was held on 1/6/2017 between representatives of the Union and the Company concerning Facility and Ground Equipment issues. On the call for the Company were Ray Ames, Gary Dyer, Jesse Jandura and Paul Gniadecki. For the Union were Clacy Griswald, Bob Fisher, Ken Meidinger and Allen Cosides. The parties discussed the opening of MCO. A joint team of Union and Company representatives will visit MCO to determine the scope of work in late January or early February. The issue of bringing Chelsea Mechanics into the IBT continues to be discussed. Under Article 1 F 2 the system review committee will be broken up into separate facilities and ground equipment teams consisting of six members each. A committee is being established to address the utility specialist scope of work as per LOA #6. Local Facility review committees under LOA # 7 will continue to review local issues


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December 9, 2016

The December Business Agents' Report is available here.

Inside this issue: Tentative Agreement ratified by the membership.; Steward Briefings for the SFO base; Labor History for the Month of December; Labor Quotes; Stay Informed

Click here to read the December Teamsters SFO -- 856/986 Business Agents' Report.

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December 5, 2016

Membership Approves Contract

The votes were tallied this morning and the membership has approved the contract. Below are the vote results:

Yes Votes: 4190 (51.58%)

No Votes: 3933 (48.42%)

87.2% of eligible voters participated in the vote.

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December 5, 2016


The company put out the following information today regarding the implantation of the new JCBA. We will continue to work together with the company to make sure the Agreement is implemented as quickly as possible.


Implementation Website


A web portal is available for employees to find communications related to the contract implementation.  This web portal can be accessed by logging into:


Flying Together> Departments> Tech Ops> IBT Contract Implementation


Lump Sum Payment


Per LOA 28, eligible employees will receive a lump sum payment.  


Payment Date – US based: December 28, 2016 as a separate payment

                           Guam based: December 29, 2016 included in your regular paycheck


401(k) Election Tool – A web portal is available for you to select a percentage of your individual lump sum payment for deferral into your 401(k) account (for both US and Guam based). If no election is made, no 401(k) contributions will be deducted from your lump sum payment.  


              Election Window – December 5 through December 18, 2016 at 11:59 PM CST.


              Election Tool Location – The link providing your lump sum payment and for selecting your 401(k) contribution can be accessed by logging into:


Flying Together>Departments> Tech Ops> IBT Contract Implementation> 401(k) Lump Sum Election button


Questions – All questions related to the lump sum payment should be directed to your IBT representative.


Pay Rate Increase 


All employees will receive a contractual pay increase with the same effective date which is December 11, 2016.  


To determine the check date that will include your pay increase, please refer to the attached letter or login to:


Flying Together> Departments> Tech Ops> IBT Contract Implementation> Communication> Contractual Pay Increase


Health and Welfare Benefits


The new health and welfare benefit program will begin April 1, 2017, and communications related to your benefits will be mailed to your home address in late January to help you prepare for the special enrollment in February 2017.


Special Enrollment – February 2017


Benefit Program Start – April 1, 2017


Retirement Benefits


All retirement benefit changes will be effective January 1, 2017. For employees joining CARP, your benefit details will be reflected on Your Benefits Resources (YBR) at the beginning of April 2017.


Filling of Vacancies


Transition – Subsidiary specific filling of vacancies will temporarily cease until transition to eBid, the common bidding platform. 


eBid Training – eBid training materials will be available on the Tech Ops Landing page by logging into:


Flying Together>Departments> Tech Ops> IBT Contract Implementation> Training Materials 


First Joint Vacancies Post – targeted for December 19, 2016


First Award of Vacancies – targeted for January 16, 2017


Combined Field Trip and Overtime Lists


In affected locations, information will be distributed mid-December – with a targeted merging of lists the first week of January 2017.


Combined Seniority Lists:


Per Article 4 of the Agreement, employees may submit a seniority challenge regarding their place on the newly integrated system seniority list.


Seniority Challenge Period – January 1, 2017 – May 1, 2017


Seniority Challenge Website – the Union’s challenge website will be located at: 


Flying Together> Departments> Tech Ops> IBT Contract Implementation> Seniority Challenge


Challenge Timeline – Your seniority challenge will be reviewed by the Union and you will receive a response within 60 days.


Early Out Program


An online application will be available on the Tech Ops web portal.


Application Opens – January 15, 2017 at 12 AM CST


Application Closes – February 28, 2017 at 11:59 PM CST


Further information including plan documents, eligibility and a Q&A summary will be provided prior to the online application becoming available. 




If you have any questions related to these or any changes related to the Agreement please go to:


Flying Together> Departments> Tech Ops> IBT Contract Implementation


If you had additional questions please contact your Supervisor, Shift Manager, Manager of Administration or email


Click here to view a chart of the contractral wage increases.

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December 2, 2016
 Ratification Vote Webinar and Call
A webinar and call will be available on Monday December 5th that will allow members to view or listen to the process of tallying the ballots live. 

Members can register to participate in the webinar or call at the below link. 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar or call. 

You must click the link above, provide your name and email address. Once you register you will receive an email confirmation with specific information to logon for the tally.


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November 15, 2016


Ballot Packages Mailed 

Yesterday, November 14th, voting instructions were mailed to each member’s home address. These packages include a flash drive and will come in a regular sized envelope. If you do not receive your package, duplicate requests will start next week and continue through December 1st.

Ratification Meetings Conclude Thursday 

The ratification meetings will conclude on Thursday in Boston. Thank you to all the members that attended over the last 30 days. Also thank you to all the professionals that traveled to each location to explain their involvement and respective areas of expertise.

NMB Changes 

Several members have asked how the recent presidential election will affect potential further negotiations. The answer is unknown, but what is known is the Board will be changed. As a Republican was elected, the Board will now consist of two Republicans and one Democrat. How long it will take to confirm the as yet to be determined new Board members is unknown at this moment, but it is likely to take some time. 

Delta Pay Raises Announced 

Today Delta announced pay increases that would put their technicians $0.85 per hour ahead of the TA in April of 2017. Also announced is a 1% increase of mandatory contribution to the 401(k) for a total of 3%. There were no changes announced with regard to any of the other items that make the UA TA industry leading such as vacation, sick tine holidays or medical cost share. While this is certainly good news for the Delta Technicians, it is also good news for United Technicians in regards to the industry reset. This worked out almost to the penny as predicted by economist Dan Akins during the roadshows. 

Here is how the UA Technicians compare to Delta now; 

Early Out FAQs 

The company sent out a list of FAQs regarding the early out. Here is a copy and paste of the questions;

2017 Tech Ops Early Out Questions and Answers

Below are answers to questions we have received on the early out program that is part of the tentative agreement with the IBT, which is in the ratification process (ratification details can be found on the IBT website at


1.        How much is the Early Out benefit?

Eligible employees who are approved for the program will receive a one-time lump sum payment of $5,000 per year of active service up to a maximum of $100,000.

2.        Who is eligible for the Early Out?


a.        You must be actively employed during the application window and through your exit date in an IBT-represented position in United’s U.S. based operations (including Guam). The application window runs from January 15, 2017, through February 28, 2017.


a.        Have a minimum of 15 years of Company service as measured by your Company Seniority Date.


b.        Be at least 45 years of age.


3.        How many Early Out packages will be awarded?


There is no “cap” or maximum number of Early Out packages available.


4.        Will there be more than one application window?


No. However, the Company maintains the discretion to extend the application window.


5.        If I am eligible for retirement outside of the Early Out may I apply for the Early Out?


Yes. Employees who are currently eligible for retirement may apply.


6.       Why is the Early Out limited to age 45 and older?


The program is designed to comply with IRS rules regarding tax-advantaged retirement benefits.


7.         When will I be allowed to submit my request for the Early Out Program?


The application window will be open on January 15, 2017, and will close at 1700 CDT on February 28, 2017.


8.         How do I submit my election form?


You will apply via a link on the Tech Ops Portal website.


9.         May I rescind my application for Early Out?

Once you have submitted your application there is a 7 day period in which you may revoke your application. Revocations must be submitted in writing to your HR Partner. Once 7-days have passed the application is irrevocable.


10.      When will I receive Early Out incentive payment(s)?


Early Out incentive pay will be issued in a lump sum within 45-days of your Exit.


11.      I am not eligible for normal retirement, am I considered retired if awarded Early Out?


No.  You are considered separated.


12.      I understand the Company will determine my exit date, but will I be able to submit a preference?


Yes, employee preference of exit date will be considered and to the extent possible accommodated; however, the needs of the operation must be considered as a priority and may affect the exit dates.


13.      When will I know if I have been approved for the Early Out?


We estimate notification of Early Out awards to begin in March of 2017 

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Status Update

November 4, 2016

TA Update 

All information regarding the TA can be found at   The page to view your individual bonus amount is almost complete. We expect the have this individual report available prior to the mailing of the ballots, approximately November 8th. It will be provided to all members as soon as it is complete. 

Seniority Lists Posted 

The seniority and juniority lists have been posted for all crafts. The links along with a brief explanation can be found at 

There will be a challenge period of 120 days upon ratification of the TA to correct any individual errors on the list. If the TA is ratified by the membership, the challenge period should begin on January 1, 2017. All challenges will be submitted using the Working Together website. Further details will be made available soon after the vote.  

Implementation Meeting 

On Wednesday, November 2nd, several representatives of the IBT met with company representatives to discuss implementation of the TA language should the TA pass. This is the same process that took place during the ratification process at the beginning of the year for the last best and final offer. Items discussed included the starting date of the new pay and when other various aspects of the agreement would be in place in accordance with LOA 34 (Transition Issues). Of note during this meeting, the first day of the new pay would be December 11th per LOA 34, paragraph 7 if the JCBA ratifies.  

Updated CARP calculators 

During the road shows questions were asked from several cities for a simple calculator that applies to each affected subsidiary. The calculators and brief descriptions can be found at 

Further Updates 

As any additional information becomes available it will be accessible through the webpage at Please take the time to review the information regarding the TA. 

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October 17, 2016

September Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: Tentative Agreement Reached in Washington, D.C.; Informational Links; Informational Sessions; Labor History for the Month of September;  Labor Quotes

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October 7, 2016 

Tentative Agreement Available Now

Click here to access the full Tentative Agreement

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Informational Documents -- October 6, 2016

Below are links to informational documents made available by the Airline Division concerning specific areas of the Tentative Agreement. They include informational documents on medical, Industry Reset, Industry Comparison, and VEBA. The full Tentative Agreement will be available for your review soon.

2017 Tentative Rates for Technicians 1

2017 Tentative Rates for Technicians 2

Technician's Industry Reset Overview

Airline Trunk Carrier Pay and Benefits Comparison to United Mechanics TA


Tentative Dental Rates

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September 30, 2016 -- Special Update

While the final CBA document is being reviewed and edited by the committee, there have been many questions about what the term “industry leading” means. In an effort to clarify the definition, we have prepared the following charts outline how this TA is industry leading in every economic measure.


Click here to view the charts.

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September 28, 2016

As reported last week; at the direction of the NMB, the negotiating committee and company representatives were summoned to Washington, DC this week to meet with the federal mediators in hopes of resolving the outstanding issues of concern. The meetings started on September 26th with each party explaining their positions to the mediators. The next two days were spent in discussions with both parties explaining their positions and offering potential solutions in order reach consensus on the areas of concern.

As of this afternoon (Wednesday), these discussions were largely complete and the committee was tasked with turning this AIP in to a Tentative Agreement. After some detailed discussion, the committee concluded that the Agreement in Principal has reached all the minimum points required to turn it to an industry leading Tentative Agreement.

In the coming weeks, the full and complete TA, along with all accompanying information, will be compiled and checked for errors by members from the committee. Once this task is accomplished, we will then make it available electronically and through mail to the membership.


We will keep you updated as progress is made. 

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Negotiations Update

September 16, 2016

The IBT negotiating committee met on September 15th and 16th to discuss answers to many questions that were raised after the Agreement In Principal (AIP) was reached. At issue were several items that came to light with the full draft language from the company.

As reported before, the complete language from the company was sent to the committee shortly after the AIP was reached. The committee set to the task of comparing the document line by line in order to verify the language that was agreed to. As a result, a majority of the CBA is complete, however during review the committee realized that some changes were not clear.  Some of these noted changes are settled as a result of questions posed to the company, and others required additional meeting time. Each of these changes were somewhat subtle on their own merits, but together, all of these changes created some concern for this committee.

 As a result, your committee has voted, and the decision has been made that we do not have a Tentative Agreement at this point.  The Agreement in Principle still stands, as well as the NMB gag order. The NMB has directed the parties to meet at their offices in Washington, D.C. on September 26th to discuss the issues. 

The committee appreciates your patience as it is understood that this process can be frustrating. The committee believes it is better to get the items right rather than to rush through this process and we ask for your continued solidarity and patience while this process comes to a conclusion

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September 8, 2016

July/August Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: Agreement in Principle Reached August 12; Teamster National Black Caucus Holds 41st Annual Conference; It's Time to Register to Vote;  Labor History for the Month of August  Quotes of the Month

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September 2, 2016

The committee met to continue the process of reviewing and writing the language associated with the recent Agreement in Principal.  Items of concern were discussed over the course of two days of meetings. These items will be presented to the company for proposed change. After these suggested edits are finalized they must be reviewed by the committee before a TA can be achieved.  The process will continue until the IBT and UA agree upon a final draft.  At that time, a TA will be reached and presented to the membership. 


The committee asks your patience while we go through the process of ensuring that a proposed contract reflects the spirit and intent of the items we’ve agreed to in principal. As the parties are still under the NMB gag order until this process is finished, no details will be released until a TA is reached. There will be work done over the next two weeks in an attempt to complete this process. Please watch the Dispatch for further information regarding upcoming meetings. 

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UAL Negotiations Update 
August 26, 2016

This week the process of finalizing the language of the AIP continued. The language worked on this week will be shared with the full committee ahead of the next scheduled meeting of the committee. That meeting will take place next Thursday and Friday in Chicago. At the meeting if the committee agrees that a TA has been reached details will be released shortly afterwards to the membership. Notice will be sent via the Mechanics Dispatch email distribution list. If you would like to sign up to the email list go to and fill in the form marked mailing list on the right side of the page.

sUA Medical Arbitration Update 


United has notified the IBT that all claims surrounding the sub UA medical arbitration award have been paid. If you have not received payment, and have an outstanding claim, please contact Bob Fisher at

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UAL Negotiations Update 
August 19, 2016

The parties met in Chicago, in very small committee, to prepare and review language surrounding the agreement in principal. This work will continue next week. The NMB requested and was notified of the results of this week’s session. 

On Friday evening (today) there will be a conference call with the full IBT committee to discuss what transpired during the week. Documents from the entire negotiation session are currently being reviewed for formatting and typographical errors. This task takes time and it is important to get it right. 

Until a Tentative Agreement is reached, the parties remain under the NMB “gag order” as described in a previous Dispatch. As soon as possible after the TA is finalized, details will be released. 

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UAL Negotiations Update 
August 13, 2016

The parties reached an agreement in principal at this week's session in Reston VA. The language finalization will need to occur and is scheduled to resume in Chicago next week. It is anticipated that, since there are not many language changes needed, that this part of the process should not take long. As soon as the language is finalized the negotiating committee will reconvene to review and approve. If accepted, the agreement in principal would then become a tentative agreement. 

Once that is complete, rather than spending time on printing and mailing the package, electronic copies of the full agreement will be distributed to the membership followed by an online ratification vote. This will take place as soon as possible.

During the ratification there will also be a group traveling the system as well as other materials to explain the new terms.



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July 12, 2016

June Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: National Mediation Board Meetings; Negotiations Continue in Las Vegas; Technicians and Flight Attendants Picket Shareholder Meeting; Technicians Support Flight Attendants at SFO; Labor History for the Month of June; Quotes of the Month

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June  7, 2016

May Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: Negotiations Update: NMB Status Meeting; Charles Taylor Award Presented to SFOPD Lead Ron Moy; Teamsters Local 856/986 UAL SFO 2016 Scholarship Winners; Labor History for the Month of May; Quotes of the Month; Election Day; Memorial Day Weekend

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UAL Negotiations Update 
May 23, 2016

Your negotiating committee met this morning with the National Mediation Board (NMB) at the NMB headquarters in Washington, DC. In attendance for the union were the voting members of the negotiating committee, Teamsters Airline Division Director Capt. David Bourne as well as legal, actuarial and economic staff from the International. In attendance from the NMB were Board Member Linda Puchala and Mediator Gerry McGuckin. The purpose of the meeting was for the Board to review and ask questions to the negotiating committee concerning the union’s comprehensive counterproposal that has been given to the NMB, but not yet presented to United. Issues addressed at this meeting included, but were not limited to, industry-leading wages, benefits and pension after the company’s latest offer was rejected by over 93 percent. 

After reviewing the union’s counterproposal, which was finalized and submitted to the NMB earlier this month, the Board wanted to bring both sides individually to Washington, DC to move negotiations forward. Dates for face-to-face negotiations with the company will be determined after meetings between the two sides and the Board the week of June 6, 2016. 

Your committee is dedicated to moving quickly in order to get a tentative agreement with the company that is reflective of the hard work, dedication and professionalism of Teamster Technicians and Related members working at United Airlines. As soon as your committee receives information, it will be distributed to you. 


In Solidarity,


Your Negotiating Committee


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May 9, 2016

April Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: Negotiations Update; Teamsters Picket United Mileage Plus Partner Princess Cruises; AFA Holds Picket at SFO; Workers' Memorial Day Observed; Labor History for the Month of April; Labor Quotes; Stay Informed

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April 28, 2016

June Election Endorsements

The June 2016 Primary local and statewide endorsements are available now. All candidates are thoroughly vetted to ensure they support working families. 

Click here to view the endorsements.

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Workers' Memorial Day 2014   
April 28, 2016

Workers' Memorial Day 2016:
Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living  

Safe Jobs Save Lives

The Teamsters Union, and trade unionists around the world, recognize April 28 as Workers' Memorial Day - an international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made ill by their work.

Workers' Memorial Day is an opportunity to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace injuries and illnesses, and to promote the fight for improving health and safety at each and every workplace. The slogan for the day is "Speak Out for Safe Jobs."

Click here to learn more 

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April 13, 2016

March Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: Negotiating Committee News; New York City Action; Teamsters Join AFA on the Picket Line at SFO; Labor History for the Month of March; Labor Quotes of the Month; Stay Informed

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A Message from Your UAL Negotiating Committee

April 5, 2016
On February 16, 2016, Teamster United Airlines mechanics, voted down United’s offer and voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. Since then, your Negotiating Committee has been hard at work to determine the best path for productive negotiations with the company that address the concerns of the membership.
A survey of the membership was completed on Friday, April 1st. This will give the Negotiating Committee an accurately prioritized picture of the current issues and concerns that the workers want brought up in bargaining.
On March 8, 2016, two large United investors, Altimeter Capital and PAR Capital, announced that they would be running a slate of six nominees for the company’s Board of Directors, including the former Chairman and CEO of Continental Airlines, Gordon Bethune, who is credited with turning Continental’s performance around.

The dissidents alleged long-standing poor governance by the Board and five years of underperformance relative to their peers in the passenger aviation industry as their motivation for running this slate. United reacted by adding three Directors to their Board with the addition of another director forthcoming.
The Teamsters are remaining neutral right now in their support of the competing slates. The interests of the workers come first for the union and careful observation of the issues surrounding this battle are necessary to determine who would be best for the membership.
The Negotiating Committee, including business agents, rank-and-file members, legal advisors and the union economist, is scheduled to meet April 13-14 at Local 856 in San Bruno, California to review the surveys and decide on bargaining issues and strategy moving forward. Please stay tuned for updates.
In Solidarity,
Your Negotiating Committee

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Survey Information Update

March 22, 2016


Your Local Union Principal Officers have approved this survey of the UAL/CAL/CMI mechanics to be used for the benefit of your negotiating committee.  

When you respond to the questions in the survey, we ask that you take the time to provide a well thought out, honest, and informed answer.  Please make sure that you answer every question.  If you do not finish the survey in one sitting, you can save your survey, return later and pick up where you left off. 

Starting today, Tuesday, March 22, 2016, this survey will be available online and will remain available through 5pm Eastern Time, Friday, April 1, 2016. The survey consists of contract topics containing multiple-choice and fill in the blank questions.  In addition, at the end of the survey, text boxes are available for additional comments that have not been addressed. 

To access the survey simply follow these steps:

1.      Go to

2.      Login with your Employee ID and PIN, Your initial PIN is the last four numbers of your SSN.

3.      If this is the first time you logged in, you will be asked to change your PIN. Simply follow the prompts. Otherwise, you will skip this step.

4.      Click on the "Take Survey Now" button to start your survey.



Q: What if I don't have time to finish the survey all at once?

A: You can save a partially completed survey.  To save, either click the "Save Partially Completed Survey" button in the lower-right corner of the browser window, or scroll to the bottom of the survey and click the “Save Partially Completed Survey” button.

To complete the survey at a later time, log in to the survey and select the Surveys... > Take/Resume menu item. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a moment for your previously saved responses to appear. 

Q: If I have submitted my survey, can I change my answers?

A: Yes, you can log into the survey and retake it as often as you like, until the deadline. 

Q: I want to change the answers to my previously submitted survey.  But, when I log in, I don’t see my previous answers.  Where are my responses?

A: If you completed the survey and clicked on the “Submit Survey Responses” button, rest assured that your answers are recorded in the system.  However, the way the software works, it does not provide you with your responses should you take the survey again.  At this point, you will need to re-take the entire survey.  When you click on the “Submit Survey Responses” button, your new answers will replace your previous answers in the system (i.e., only your latest submittal will be counted). 

You can avoid having to re-take the entire survey, if you want to change a response at a later time.  Prior to clicking the “Submit Survey Responses” button, click the “Save Partially Completed Survey” button.  In the pop-up box, select “OK.”  You will then see a screen confirming that the survey has been saved (keep in mind that saving the survey does not submit it).  Then, to submit the survey, click the resume survey link. When the survey is resumed, click the "Submit Survey Responses" button. Your survey is now submitted.  Should you wish to change a response prior to the deadline, log in to the survey, select the “Surveys...>Take/Resume > Resume menu item, change any (or all) of your responses and re-submit the survey. 

Q: Will the union know my individual responses to the questions?

A: IBT will receive a summary of how many people have taken the poll, as well as a summary of their collective answers.  We will not know your individual responses. 

Q: What if I choose not to participate?

A: IBT will not have the value of your input, and the results of the survey will be less reflective of the entire membership. 

Q: What do I do if I need help?


A: If you have specific questions about how to login to the survey, please send an e-mail to:


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March 16, 2016


On Monday, March 14th, United CEO Oscar Munoz held a labor summit with the leaders of all the unions at United. The meeting was a rescheduled as a consequence of the canceled meeting in the fall 2015. 

Present for the IBT was Airline Division Director Captain Captain Bourne. The meeting consisted of Mr. Munoz getting to know the leadership of the UAL unions in a casual setting. There was no discussion of specific contract issues or table positions. The summit was more of a meet and greet session with Mr. Munoz shedding light on his concept of labor relations and his plan to restore United's position in the industry along with an open Q & A session.  

As a group, the labor leaders agreed with Mr. Munoz to hold these Labor meetings every quarter. In a private meeting, Director Bourne requested that Mr. Munoz to meet personally with our UAL negotiating committee. He agreed to do so and looks forward to discussing his vision and management style to the committee. When dates have been agreed to for resumption of negotiations, Mr. Munoz plans join us at the first negotiation.


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March 11, 2016


Member Concerns Regarding NMB Status Meeting 

Many Local representatives are reporting that there is confusion about what transpired in Washington DC at the NMB.  

Concerning our request for release; the Board informed us that they are reviewing the matter. This is normally what they do when anyone requests release and we expect a decision to be forthcoming.  

Moving forward, the survey will be done electronically and we expect to have it posted next week. This is an important step in the process; in addition to the overwhelming 93% no vote, it provides an excellent tool to express the member’s desires to the Board. As an example, the survey after the March 2011 T/A helped the rank and file negotiators to achieve their goals in November of that year. While speculation is always subjective; we do feel that if management is truly as focused as we are on reaching a mutually acceptable agreement, then we are of the opinion that can be reached in a reasonably short timeline. 

To be clear; the IBT wants to return to the table ASAP in advance of a release, to finish a deal. The company has expressed a similar desire to the Board. Both parties expressed disappointment with the status meeting being set for May by the Board. At the end of the meeting, the Board agreed to scheduling the meeting “on or before” the May date. It is our belief that the status meeting will be held well in advance of May. 


While the Board is moving slow in getting us dates the IBT stands ready to meet outside of mediation if the company wishes to conclude these negotiations quickly.

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March 4, 2016

February Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: The Membership Sends a Strong Message to UAL!; Principal Officers Meet in DC to Plan a Path Forward; SFO Holds 'Lunch in the Street' Rally; Teamsters Hold Nationwide Day of Action; Negotiating Committee Meets at SFO; SFO Metrology Lab Reaches a Major Milestone; Scholarships are Accepting Applications; Labor History for the Month of February; Quote of the Month; 

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Update regarding the Status Meeting with the NMB

March 4, 2016


March 3rd the leadership of both parties attended a status meeting at the NMB in Washington DC. Board member Linda Puchala, Deputy Director Michael Kelliher, along with Senior Mediator Pat Sims and Mediator Gerry McGuckin asked for an update from the parties since the vote on February 16th. Both parties met individually with the group from the NMB to provide their individual reports.


The company responded to the request for release which was delivered on February 26th. The Board is reviewing the situation and will make a determination soon on the request for release.


The IBT was asked if it was ready to proceed with negotiations. The leadership informed the assembled NMB group that we would be ready to proceed as soon as the survey results were compiled and the committee makes a counter proposal. In addition to the survey, and running at the same time, there will be discussions on the floor to receive feedback from the technicians group. It was conveyed to the NMB group that an industry leading agreement is our goal and we would like to return to the table as soon as possible to achieve that end.



Based on the input, Linda Puchala stated that given the timeline needed to proceed, there would be another status meeting on or before May 16th to set future dates.


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February 16, 2016

Special Update 

The National Mediation Board has called a Status Meeting between the Teamsters Airline Division and United Airlines Management on Thursday, March 3, 2016.  We will keep you updated. 


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February 5, 2016

January Business Agents' Report
Inside this issue: January Informational Meetings, Referendum Update,  Pre-Retirement Seminar, Chief Steward News,  NSC President Deborah Hersman Visits SFO, January Labor History, Quotes of the Month, Stay Informed

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January 21, 2016

Special Ballot Update



I would like to apologize for the length of time it has taken for some members to receive their packages for voting on the company proposal. This has been a frustrating process all around as a result of what has transpired since the packages were shipped. Below is an outline of what has transpired to this point, and our plans to ensure every member has the right to vote.

There were a number of questions about the ballot mailing process. Some members asked why different postmark dates appeared on envelopes containing ballots — including dates after the December 23, 2015 ship date.

The IBT does not do the printing or mailing ourselves. To remain removed from the balloting process, we contracted BallotPoint to run the election as an independent overseer of the vote count. Many Unions and even the NMB contract for these services from BallotPoint for the same reason.

BallotPoint contracts with a printing company, called Allied Media, to print and mail the ballots. All pieces were shipped by Allied at the same time on December 23, 2015. They sent the items to be mailed to a parcel commingling company which, to speed delivery, trucked the envelopes directly to major USPS entry points and deposited them with USPS there. That is why tracking numbers may show they were deposited with the USPS in different cities after December 23, 2015.

Although great effort was made to get ballots to everyone in a timely manner, we have learned that many members, particularly in Guam and Hawaii, have still not received ballots. Accordingly, we will extend the time to vote until 12 pm EST on February 16, 2016. The ballots will be tallied and announced by BallotPoint immediately after this deadline. Duplicate ballots may be requested before 1 pm EST on February 9, 2016. 

No member should have to be worried about whether they will have an opportunity to have their voice heard, and the IBT wants to ensure that, regardless of the outcome of the vote, all members have that right.




David P. Bourne
Director, Airline Division


For a full copy of this memo, please click here.

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January 14, 2016

Special Update

Ballot-Voiding Process

BallotPoint has been asked the following question by UAL Mechanics voting in the United Mechanics “Close Out” Proposal ratification currently being conducted by BallotPoint on behalf of the IBT Airline Division (IBT-AD):

How does the BallotPoint system remove votes cast by members whose votes should not be counted?


Membership Roster — For this ratification, IBT-AD supplied BallotPoint with a membership/voting roster. Each roster-record contained a member’s name and address (to mail the voting packet), as well as voting attributes that specified the member's local, his active/furlough status, and voting eligibility. At the time a member goes to vote in the BallotPoint system, the eligibility attribute is checked; if set to eligible at that moment, a ballot is presented to that member.

For this ratification, the eligibility of all members was set to eligible in the initial roster; if a member was listed as being ineligible in a subsequently uploaded membership roster, then any vote cast by that member would be removed from the pool of cast votes at the time of the tally. This method is often used in contract ratifications conducted through the BallotPoint system, to permit the widest possible access to the voting system during the voting period, and to give potentially-ineligible members the maximum amount of time to satisfy eligibility requirements as of the time of the tally.

Two-Server Architecture — The BallotPoint system utilizes two physically separated servers, with limited and carefully controlled access to each server. One server—the MRNS—holds and maintains membership roster information. The second server—the Election Server (ES)—is where members cast their votes. Membership rosters are uploaded to the BallotPoint system via the MRNS; the MRNS assigns to each member a randomly generated identifier, and only the MRNS knows the association of a member to an identifier. Once the MRNS has assigned random identifiers to all members, it passes that list of identifiers and the members’ voting attributes to the Election Server, so that voters may later access the ES to vote. These identifiers appear in the mailed packets sent before an election begins. 

When a member casts a vote on the Election Server, his assigned random identifier is included with the vote being stored, in case his vote must be removed at tally-time due to ineligibility.


After the close of the voting period—but before the tally—the voting system allows for the removal (voiding) of any votes cast by members who are declared ineligible as of the time of the close of the voting period.

Once the voting period closes, election officials log on the MRNS to perform the void process. The process is as follows: 1) the MRNS sends a command to the Election Server requesting a list of all random identifiers used when casting ballots that are marked as ineligible as of the close of the voting period; 2) upon receipt of the list, the MRNS converts this list of random identifiers into a randomly ordered list of the names of the members who cast those votes; 3) election officials review the list verifying that members listed should in fact have their votes removed before tally; and 4) once verified, the MRNS sends a command instructing the Election Server to remove the votes cast by the ineligible members. Only after the ballot-voiding process has completed can election officials request the tally.

IBT/UAL Mechanics "Close Out" Vote Specifics

In the case of the IBT/UAL "Close Out" vote, the initial membership roster contained both active and furloughed members of which all were marked as eligible to cast a vote. After review of the situation, IBT identified to BallotPoint those furloughed members in the roster that should not have their votes tallied. BallotPoint updated the membership roster, marking as ineligible those identified members. The updated roster was loaded into the voting system at approximately 4:30 p.m. January 12, 2016 (Pacific).

Thereafter, any member marked as ineligible, though permitted to log on to the voting system, will not be offered a ballot (and therefore not be allowed to cast a ballot). Any ineligible members who had cast a ballot before the updated roster was loaded will have their votes removed from the system during the ballot-voiding process. Thus, no votes cast by ineligible members will be included in the tally.


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Closeout Proposal Informational Meetings

The following meetings have been scheduled to go over the Company’s Closeout Proposal. All members should receive an informational packet with the closeout proposal and electronic voting information prior to the meetings. 

You may also view the Company’s proposal online at

Please take some time to review the offer so that your questions may be addressed at the meetings.

Wednesday, January 6, 2015

7:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Best Western Grosvenor

380 South Airport Blvd., South San Francisco, CA 94080



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Update January 5th 2016 

Due to the slow speed of delivery of the contract and voting instructions, the counting of the ballots has been extended, and will now take place at noon, EST on February 1st. The reason for the delayed delivery appears to be twofold. First, the packages had to be sent as bulk mail because of the weight of the documents and second the packages went out on December 23rd which is in the middle of the holiday mailing season. In addition, several members expressed concern that they would not have enough time to fully review the company’s closeout proposal and the additional seven days should provide enough time to address those concerns.  If you have not received your ballot by Thursday, January 14th, contact your Local Union to request a new or replacement ballot.

TeamCare Call 

Yesterday TeamCare hosted it’s first tele town hall conference call to review and discuss the TEAMCARE insurance plan for health, dental and vision that will be offered to all members if the close out proposal is approved.  Thousands of participants dialed in at the same time which caused an overload of the switching system. As a result many members were dropped or denied access to the call. The recording of yesterday’s call is now available at  

There will be another TeamCare tele town hall conference call this Thursday, January 7, at 6pm Pacific Time. To participate call 1-877-229-8493, with ID code 114828.

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January 5, 2016
United Airlines mechanics are urged to take part in one of two telephone calls to review and discuss the TEAMCARE insurance plan for health, dental and vision that will be offered to all members if the close out proposal is approved. There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions.
The calls will take place at:
3pm (Pacific Time) Monday, January 4, 2016
6pm (Pacific Time) Thursday, January 7, 2016
Both calls will provide the same information, so it is not necessary to participate in both. 
To join the call dial into:
1-877-229-8523 with ID code 314828
Editorial note: Please note that this is not a negotiated Tentative Agreement but a close out proposal from the company.

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January 5, 2016

December Business Agents' Report
Informational Meetings, RUL Arbitration Decision,  SFO JBA Hearings, Labor History: December, Message to SFO Shop Stewards, Stay Informed, Happy New Year from the SFO Committee

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Ruling in the RUL Arbitration

December 23, 2015

The arbitrator has issued a ruling in the resource utilization arbitration case. Unfortunately, the arbitrator denied the grievance. A copy of the award can be found here:

The post hearing briefs and transcripts will be posted right after the holidays.


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December 23, 2015
OSHA News Release: OSHA, Federal Aviation Administration sign agreement on joint responsibilities for protecting airline workers from retaliation.

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Ratification Process Update

December 22, 2015

Ballots, along with the complete company proposal, should be in the mail this week and will be counted on January 25th. The ballot will contain two questions; the first is whether or not you accept the company proposal and second; an authorization to seek release from mediation to enter self help, or as it is more commonly known, a strike vote.

The proposal along with the mechanic seniority list can be found at:

A report from the seniority integration committee will be posted on the website this week. In addition, the flight simulator technician seniority list will be posted. Please look for your Local's updates to determine when and where informational meetings may be held. Tele town halls will also be held to answer questions on the contract and the proposed health and welfare benefits. Look for those times to be announced in a future Dispatch.


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December 22, 2015

Important information about the Company's Closeout Proposal Vote.
Voting dates, duplicate ballot request details, more 

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December 3, 2015

November Business Agents' Report
Houston Negotiating Committee Meeting, AMessage from your EAP Representatives,  SFO Safety Committee Report, Local 856 Thanksgiving Membership Meeting, Labor History: November

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Negotiations Update

November 28, 2015

The committee met in Houston this week to complete the process of vetting United's final offer.
Various subcommittees worked through the previous week on individual articles and LoA's, comparing the UA offer to previously TA'd articles, items agreed to in principal, and items not discussed/agreed to in an effort to gain a complete understanding of exactly what United has proposed. These findings were combined into a single list of inconsistencies that were delivered to the UA negotiators this week. Once this list is reviewed and the proposal finalized, a vote will be scheduled.
In order for the voting process to begin, the complete proposal must be sent to the printer, then mailed to each member's home along with the instructions for the electronic ballot. Printing and mailing is expected to begin in early December, mailed shortly thereafter with a final ballot count to occur in early January. The ballot will have two questions:

1. Accept or Reject United's final offer
2.Yes or No to authorize a strike

There are incomplete and unvetted versions of the proposal that are floating around the system. Please be advised that these documents are not accurate. As soon as the full proposal is completed it will be posted electronically for everyone to review.

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November 5, 2015

October Business Agents' Report
Negotiation Update; Stay Informed 

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October 29, 2015

Process Update

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Teamster Airline Division Representatives Clacy Griswold and Bob Fisher, along with Rank and File committee member John Laurin who is acting as the committee scribe and historian, met with Company Reps Marcel Delhommeau, Kellee Allain, and Nate Kramer to receive the Company's proposal. Most of the paper package was received over the two-day meeting. There are still some outstanding LoA's that the Company is finalizing which we expect to have later this week or early next week.

The reason for the delay of the final documents is that the parties were working on language for much of the document, but there were several other items that were passed in term sheet format with language to be finalized after the concepts were agreed upon. Several items that were not agreed upon require the Company to finish the language prior to presenting the proposal to the membership. It is important that this paper package is received and archived for both historical purposes as well as for any future negotiations or arbitrations that may arise.

There will be a meeting of the Rank and File committee next Thursday in Houston to review the Company's finalized proposal. Shortly after that meeting the document will be sent to the printer and released online for review by the membership.

Read past issues of the Mechanics' Dispatch Here

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A Closeout Proposal is NOT a Tentative Agreement

On Tuesday October 20th, the company presented a counter to our last pass that fell extremely short of what the committee believed was an industry-leading contract. The committee pressed their position through more passes over the next few days and finally was presented with United's ‘Closeout Proposal'. This closeout proposal is not a Tentative Agreement (TA) and is not what your committee wanted to bring forward. This is the Company's Final Offer.

A key part of the company's final offer included a request to have our committee present the proposal to the membership to decide if it meets your expectations. The committee respected the overall value of the proposal and agreed that the membership should have the opportunity to evaluate the offer.

After very intense discussions the committee then decided to recommend a Neutral position. A Neutral recommendation from the committee allows the membership to weigh the terms of this ‘Closeout Proposal' in a balanced way and decide if they find it to be acceptable. However, please be clear, this committee does not believe that formal negotiations reached a conclusion. Instead, the company ended negotiations prematurely.

United's closeout proposal will be circulated as soon as it is clearly formatted. Going forward, the Negotiating Committee will be working to organize and schedule meetings to give you detailed information on this proposal. It is our hope that all members take a proactive position to learn the details and to ask questions from your Union Representatives. Until then, please do not get caught up with the rumors!

In Solidarity,

SFO 856/986 Committee


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October 9, 2015

September Business Agents' Report
Negotiations Update; Medical Arbitration Update; SFO Safety Chairman Ralph Ortiz Presented an Award from NSC; Stay Informed 

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September 4, 2015

July/August Business Agents' Report
Consolidation of Reports, Denver MSAP/ASAP Meeting; Las Vegas TSAP Discussions; July Negotiations Update; August Negotiations Update; Teamsters EAP Report; AFA Negotiations; Giants vs. A's Ticket Raffle; Teamster Scholarship Winners; Historical Perspective-Labor Day; September Craft Meetings Postponed; Stay Informed

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Wednesday Rallies Continue to Support Bargaining Team

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July 9, 2015

June Business Agents' Report
ORD Informational Picket, Negotiations Update; Teamster EAP Report; MSAP Update; MSAP Update; Historical Perspective: June; Local 856 Training Opportunity; Stay Informed 

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Teamsters SFO at UAL Shareholders' Meeting

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June 10, 2015

United Airlines Teamsters SFO Members, Local 856 Principal Officer Peter Finn, Local 986 Principal Officer Chris Griswold, Representatives Javier Lectora, Mark DesAngles, joined their United Airlines Teamsters brothers and sisters from across the country today in Chicago at the company's shareholder meeting to tell United to stop dragging its feet in negotiations.

"As employees and shareholders of this company, we have a long-term interest in the success of the airline and it's time for management to do the right thing and offer us a well-deserved, industry-leading contract," said John Laurin, a 29-year United Airlines maintenance technician and Teamsters SFO member.

Check out the media coverage here:

"United Airlines Employees Protest at Annual Meeting", Chicago Tribune "

United Airlines mechanics pound the war drums as they rally at UA shareholders confab" Chicago Business Journal


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June 8, 2015

May Business Agents' Report
Arbitration Update for UA Medical, Negotiation Update; Grievance Committee: Word of Caution; MSAP Update; National AMT Day; Teamsters EAP; United IBT Members Travel to Sacramento; Historical Persepctive: May; 

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May 8, 2015

April Business Agents' Report
Negotiation Update; Resource Utilization Arbitration Scheduled to Continue; Call to Action: Help Defeat Fast Track for TPP;  Historical Labor Perspective: April; Rumor Control: MSAP; Mother's Day is Upon Us;

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April  8, 2015

March Business Agents' Report
Negotiations Continue; Women's History Month; Solidarity; Solidarity Fund Raffle; From the New Business Agent

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February 12, 2015

Prescription Safety Eyeware Program Discontinued – Frequently Asked Questions

On December 22nd, 2014 United discontinued its company subsidy prescription safety eyewear program. The prescription (Rx) safety eyewear glasses were provided by 3M though various eye and vision care providers. The eyewear complied and met the ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard. The standard applies to the lens, frames and side shields. The Teamsters SFO Ground Safety Committee has received questions on how employees can verify if the Rx Safety eyewear they purchased or will purchase from provider (not 3M) are ANSI Z87 rated.

Click here to view FAQs for Prescription Safety Eyeware 

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February 11, 2015

January Business Agents' Report
Teamster Scholarships; Retirement Seminar; Negotiations Update; Local 986 Blood Drive; New Hire Process Begins;  Moment of Silence

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February 10, 2015

New Teamsters SFO Business Agent

To All UAL SFO Maintenance Base Members:

Please welcome Brother Mark Des Angles as he has accepted the position of Business Representative for our members at the San Francisco Maintenance Base for United Airlines.

Read more here.

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December 24, 2014

Prescription Safety Eyeglasses Halted by Company 
On Monday, December 22, the Teamsters SFO 856/986 Ground Safety Committee was notified by the SFO base Maintenance Safety Manager that United was discontinuing its "company subsidy program" for prescription safety eyeglasses, effective Tuesday, December 23, 2014. Read more.

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SFO Rally; Shop Steward Training; Meeting in Houston; Local 856 Annual Meeting; Solidarity Donations

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December 3, 2014

Strength in Solidarity

Last week, the Teamsters' Action Team showed up in force at SFO and LAX to bring attention to our stalled negotiations with United Airlines. Rank and file members, stewards, committee members, staff, representatives of the flight attendants' union and San Mateo Central Labor Council joined together for an informational picket on one of the season's busiest flying days.

Last Tuesday's action was so successful that we maxed out our permit at SFO with 50 continuous picketers. We also received live coverage on KGO Radio, KRON 4 T.V. and an in-depth report by the Labor Video Project.

Thank you to all those who came out to take up a picket sign and make our voices heard -- it was a job well done and proof that we are stronger together.

Don't get left out!
Our activism and visibility is building momentum for our campaign for a fair contract. Don't miss our next action! Sign up for Action Team e-mail alerts here.

Couldn't make last week's action? 
Check out photos from the event here! 



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Airport Commission Meeting; Negotiations Update; IAH Visits SFO; Medical Arbitration; Theft = Termination; Family Day; Craft & Class Meetings Canceled

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October 10, 2014

Ebola Guide for Airlines
Interim Guidance about Ebola Infection for Airline Crews, Cleaning Personnel, and Cargo Personnel

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Airport Commission Meeting; Shop Steward Seminars; Negotiations Update; 

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September 9, 2014

August Business Agents' Report

Negotiations; Emergency Preparedness; Chief Steward Elections; Update Your Contact Info; Termination; Labor Day

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August 25, 2014

Emergency Preparedness
With the recent earthquake and aftershocks in Napa and surrounding areas, many challenges and realities face the people who are affected by this event. After a disaster people often find they were unprepared. It is vital to prepare for emergencies, both natural and other types before they happen. We’ve seen many times on news reports that read more.

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Chicago IBT/UAL Meeting; Steward Training; Steward Seminar; Line Maintenance New Safety Rep; Steering Committee Meets in Denver; Insulin Monitoring System; Nominations for Grievance Committee; Flight Safety Position Filled

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Taylor Farms Rally; San Mateo County Fair; Jim Hoffa Was IN THE HOUSE; SFO Steering Committee Meet; Negotiations Committee Update; System Steering Committee to Meet; D.R.I.V.E.; SFO Meetings Continue; Joint Council 7 Turn Out 

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June 17, 2014

General President James P. Hoffa visits Teamsters SFO
General President James P. Hoffa stopped by the Maintenance Base last Friday to visit with members. 

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Workers' Memorial Day 2014   
April 28, 2016

Workers' Memorial Day 2016:
Mourn for the Dead, Fight for the Living  

Safe Jobs Save Lives

The Teamsters Union, and trade unionists around the world, recognize April 28 as Workers' Memorial Day - an international day of remembrance and action for workers killed, disabled, injured or made ill by their work.

Workers' Memorial Day is an opportunity to highlight the preventable nature of most workplace injuries and illnesses, and to promote the fight for improving health and safety at each and every workplace. The slogan for the day is "Speak Out for Safe Jobs."

Click here to learn more 

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SFO Base Transition; Shop Steward Training; Review Committee; Chief Steward Elections; Recall Investigation; Local 856/986 Scholarship; San Mateo Labor Council; Charles Taylor Day; Formal Shop Steward Training; Chicago Meetings; Baseball Tickets Raffled; Dues Issues; James Hoffa at Taylor Farms; Moment of Silence 

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Solidarity Fund Raffle; Arbitration Update; Negotiations Update; Base Transformation; Corporate Investigations; Check your Dues; D.R.I.V.E.; Steward Training; Joint Board of Adjustment Training; A&P Recall List; Safety Shoe Recall 

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May 6, 2014

Teamsters Aviation Mechanics' Coalition Newsletter
The TAMC newsletter, Teamster Aviation Professional (formally “TAMC Nuts & Bolts”), reaches mechanics around the world. This publication is distributed electronically and will keep you up to date on the issues that are important to you. In addition to updates from the Airline Division on what we are doing on Capitol Hill and throughout the industry, the newsletter features articles from our members that deal with topics from ASAP to outsourcing.

Click here to see the May 2014 issue of the TAMC newsletter

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April 4, 2014

Red Wing Shoe Recall
An issue in the steel toe cap could fail to protect the wearer’s feet in an impact. The footwear was sold between December 2012 and November 2013. There are 42 styles of Red Wing branded products that are covered under this notice. However, only certain sizes within each style are affected. Only those styles, sizes and widths with a manufacture date code between December 2012 and November 2013 are affected.

Click here to see list of affected styles.

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March 27, 2014

Teamsters SFO 856/986 Scholarship
Is your son, daughter or financially dependent grandchild going to or currently attending a university, community college or  in the Fall? Children & financially dependent grandchildren of Teamsters SFO 856/986 members are eligible.

Click here to view the flyer.

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  February Business Agents' Report
Base Transformation; Arbitration Dates Set; Badges at Work; GUL Refunds; Check your Dues; Check your Pay; Stay Informed

  January Business Agents' Report

T.R.O Letter from UAL; C.E.O. Exchange; Check Your Dues; Check Your Pay; More "Pay" Issues; Congratulations to Ralph Ortiz; Thanks to Mark Gabriel; A.O.A. New Process; A.O.A. Badge Testing; Arbitration Date Set; 

  The Red Wing Shoe Truck is coming!

The Red Wing Shoe Truck will be at Building 84 on February 12 and in the parking lot in front of SFOGQ on February 19 and 20th. Click the links below for more information.

Click here to view the Shoe Truck dates for MM/GQ/PV

Click here to view the Shoe Truck dates for Technical Operations



January 15, 2014

SPECIAL UPDATE -- Resource Utilization Letter

Brothers and Sisters,

Today the company confirmed an agreement on an arbitrator and date for the expedited arbitration regarding the resource utilization letter. The parties will present their cases on April 9, 2014. Please continue to gather information as requested by your stewards to be used as evidence in this case.

The parties continue to work on choosing arbitrators and scheduling the additional cases such as the medical benefits and the other previously reported scope issues.

Thank you for your patience as this process unfolds.


Bob Fisher
Airline Division Representative


Check out this great video of our rally at Terminal 3 by the San Francisco Labor Video Project. 

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December 3, 2013

November 2013 Business Agents' Report

In Memory of Russell "Russ" Lewis, Mechanics Rally in SFO, November a Busy Month


November 27, 2013

SFO Teamsters,

Our Action Team mobilized a quick response to Terminal 3 in coordination with 10 other Local Unions across the system. Thanks to everyone who showed up to picket on Monday and to all of you who sacrificed and came in early and who will stay late to handbill today, despite the holiday week.  

Stay tuned for future actions and save December 18 in your calendar for the CEO exchange. Fair contract now. Whatever it takes. 

Click here to view the handbill

Missed the action? Check out photos and videos by clicking here 





United has walked away from negotiations and filed for mediation.

We are handbilling the public on
Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Meet at Door 3 in Terminal 3 
(Upstairs departure area)

6 a.m. to 9 a.m.
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Click here to see the flyer 

SFO 11 25 2013_3

SFO 11 25 2013_8

SFO 11 25 2013_10

   November 25, 2013


Teamsters Aviation Mechanics Speak with Traveling Public at 10 Airports

(WASHINGTON) - Today, United Airlines (UAL) professional aviation mechanics represented by the Teamsters Union held informational pickets at 10 major airports around the country. United Airlines mechanics are informing the public that they may be forced to strike if the company refuses to keep its promise to reinstate the workers' pension plans.

In 2005, UAL took away the pensions for 11,000 professional aviation mechanics, but promised when the company's financial situation improved they would get their retirement plans back. UAL has since rebounded and is reporting hundreds of millions in profits. The second quarter of 2013 saw UAL earn its highest revenue in history. After a year of stalling, UAL executives broke off contract negotiations without agreeing to the pensions they had promised, and declared that 3,500 mechanics will be forced to pay an additional $300-$500 each month for their health care.

"We weathered the storm with United Airlines when times were tough and now they want to leave us out in the cold," said John Lauren, 24-year UAL mechanic at San Francisco International Airport and member of Teamsters Local Union 856. "It is insulting that United Airlines is asking me to pay an extra $300-$500 each month for my health care when the company brought in record profits last year. What happened to us being in this together?"

Informational pickets were held at the following airports on Monday, Nov. 25th:

  • A.B. Won Pat International Airport Authority, Guam (GUM)

  • Honolulu International Airport (HNL)

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)

  • Denver International Airport (DEN)

  • George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport (IAH)

  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

  • Dulles International Airport (IAD)

  • Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

"We decided to hold informational pickets around the country because we think United's customers should know how the workers are being treated," said Clacy Griswold, Airline Division International Representative for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. "These mechanics are keeping United customers safe every day and they simply want the pensions they were promised."


Click here to see more photos and video from today's informational pickets



November 14, 2013

UAL Mechanics Special Update: Resource Utilization Letter Terminated 

Yesterday the leadership of the IBT informed the company that the resource utilization letter has terminated. This was done at 2pm EST via conference which was held over the phone. The company leadership disagreed with the union's position and requested the matter be resolved using the expedited arbitration process. The parties are now in the process of scheduling this hearing. 

While the arbitration process unfolds members are advised to file grievances when assigned to tasks that violate the integration of maintenance operations. All members are advised to perform assigned tasks and grieve when the task is complete. Do not become a target for discipline by refusing an order to do this work. 

Copies of the letter requesting conference to terminate the letter and the company's response can be found here:


  November 6, 2013

October 2013 Business Agents' Report

Negotiations Resume; Hangar Plan Meeting; Health Insurance Grievance; More Negotiations; No November Class & Craft Meeting; Member's Passing 

  Health Insurance Class-Action Grievance 

Click here to read the class action grievance from Airline Division Director David Bourne regarding the Company's intent to unilaterally change health benefits. 


Notice of Scope Violation: APU Burn Team

As you know, the Company has established an "APU Burn Team" which is made up of Ramp employees who are represented by the Machinist Union. Ramp employees are being dispatched to aircraft at the gates that have not had the ground power and A/C supplies connected to the aircraft and still have the APU running. While it is the responsibility of the Ramp employees to connect the ground power to reduce United's "carbon footprint" by reducing the amount of time the APU's run, the Ramp employees have chosen to dismiss this very important step of marshalling in the aircraft. Ironically the company's answer is NOT to have these folks do their job, but rather to spend $$$ on buying new vehicles at each station and establishing a crew of employees to perform the work of the mechanic's class and craft. That is, to shut down the APU's on these aircraft.

Find out more here 

Report APU Burn Team Scope Violations Here


September 16, 2013

VEBA Information 

VEBA: A tax-exempt alternative for the reimbursement of health care costs

Variable Annuities: A retirement plan design with less contribution volatility


  August 8, 2013

James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund
2013 Essay Contest

Children and dependent grandchildren of Teamster members have until Sept. 30 to enter the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund Essay Contest, which gives higher-education students the opportunity to win a one-time $1,000 award from the union.

This year, applicants are asked to share their thoughts on the following topic:“What would you say to someone who says the following? ‘Unions were important at one time, but we don’t need them anymore.’” Essays should be 500 words or less and type written. Those applying must also fill out an application. 

Click here for an application and to learn more  

  August 8, 2013

July Business Agents' Report
Washington D.C. meeting; Use your BAQ; Asiana gets help; SFO furloughs exhausted, Working together success, USS Hornet needs volunteers; Steering Committee meets; 


  June 26, 2013

May-June 2013 Business Agents' Report

Discipline at UAL; Restroom Vandalism; FAA Investigations; National AMT Day; Joe Schwirian Retires; Negotiations Update; BART Waives Airport Fees; Local 856 Gains New Principal Officer; Joe Lanthier Retires; Meetings with New M.D.'s of Maintenance Base; Loss of a Brother

  June 4, 2013

June Craft Meetings date change

The date of the June Craft Meetings has been changed to Thursday, June 20, 2013.

Craft meeting schedule.

  May 22, 2013

May Craft Meetings Canceled

The Craft Meetings scheduled for Thursday, May 30, 2013 have been canceled. The meetings will be rescheduled for a later date to be determined.  

  May 16, 2013

Mechanics' Dispatch – Single Carrier Status

Brothers and Sisters,

Yesterday, the NMB issued their ruling on the filing for Single Carrier Status between UAL, CAL and CMI.

The ruling may be read in it's entirety by clicking on the following link.

In Solidarity,

Bob Fisher


  April 2013 Business Agents' Report

Negotiations Update; EAP joins negotiations TAMC newsletter, Workers' Memorial Day; Moment of Silence

  March 2013 Business Agents' Report

Retention of work; Bearing and Seal Shop; PW 2000 Engine Work; Negotiations Update; Workers' Memorial Day; Battle of the Bay Tickets; Moment of Silence


  Change in SDI filing procedure

It has been brought to our attention that on March 1, 2013 that the State of California EDD (Employment Development Department) has changed the forms and the process to file for Ca. SDI (California State Disability insurance). 

Click here for more information

Process to file State Disability 


February 2013 Business Agents' Report

Hoffa Scholarship; DRIVE Campaign; Retirement Seminar; FAA License renewal deadline; Negotiations Update; 

  Ground Safety Report Fall/Winter 2012/2013

ALJ Ruling; Prototype work platform for accessing pylon work; Red Wing shoe truck 2013 visit to the SFO Maintenance Base; Workers Memorial Day - April 28th; 3M prescription safety glass program; NIOSH recommends lower limits for chromium exposures; Updated/revised Chemical Resistant Glove Chart; Bird droppings; Ergonomics; Safety Training

  James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship deadline approaching

The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund awards scholarships annually to outstanding high school seniors. All applicants must comply with eligibility and application criteria.The deadline to apply is March 31, 2013. Click here for more information. 


January 2013 Business Agents' Report

FAA License Deadline; Negotiations Update; Retirement Seminars; Members vs. Members; Qualifications BAQs



November Business Agents' Report

National Elections; Thanks to our Volunteers; Local 856 Thanksgiving Meeting; Joint Board; Committee Meets in D.C. 


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